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I’m Dying Here

12-minute read In my mid-thirties I once got cruelly nauseous in the middle of the night. Kidney stones, it turned out, no bigger than bee stingers. This was a Sunday during the summer. I remember it was a summer Sunday because I was in a men’s summer baseball league that played its games only onContinue reading “I’m Dying Here”

Mr. Porky Sunshine

Image credit/Scott Wong “All the fat is the Lord’s.” –Leviticus 3:16 We parked our van at a trailhead on one side of a very busy road, which many here consider the local Autobahn for gamblers and gravel trucks. Crossing it, even with traffic stopped, takes nerve, and it’s not a place for people who hateContinue reading “Mr. Porky Sunshine”

My Naïve Melody

“Love me ’til my heart stops. Love me ’til I’m dead.” –David Byrne The day before I saw my doctor for a biennial DMV physical, my thirteen-year-old son announced his intent to go vegan, and a friend of mine from high school died of Covid. There’s a lot to unpack here. First, the 800-lb. gorillaContinue reading “My Naïve Melody”


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